S.W.A.R.M – Rest in Pieces (2011)

„S.W.A.R.M – Rest in Pieces“ was a Student Project at the Games Academy. It is a 3D-Third Person Space Shooter where the player can take control of 2 unique factions. The terrans with their mighty warships and weapons, or the necators, with much greater numbers and a collective mind.

Platforms: PC
Engine: Cry Engine 2
Genre: 3D Multiplayer Space Shooter

My Role in the Team:

I joined the team in the 2nd semester of its development time, after the first game designer finished his education at the Games Academy. This left me with the very interesting challenge of working on the basis of another Game Designers work. 
My task area was iterating the existing game design and level design.

Downloads: Game Design DocumentVision Doc 

More Information and Downloads for SWARM at blindmice.de